How to win the Treasure Hunt.

First of, let me explain what is going down, The German Shepherd Treasure Hunt is going to be live on from Saturday 29th of February 12am winner will be announced the next day. Same process goes for 7th and 14th of march. The search would last for 3weeks every Saturday till 14th of march winners would be announced on Sunday morning so following our social media platforms is necessary. After the winner is announced, it is left for them to either request delivery or come for pick up.

How To Search and Win

Follow. Like. Share

In order to qualify and win you must have followed, liked and shared our social media platforms as given above. Next is to search all round the website, through every category not just “dogs or puppies for sale” category, all categories including the the advertising sections. Search should not be stressful as items on the website are not much.

After searching, you must quickly place your order with contact details. Then wait to be announced winner if Lucky. First order received that will be announced winner for the week and contacted to claim prize.

Note: you must follow, like and share before you can be announced winner good Luck.

Osereme Idiake. C.E.O

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